Sun-Stop LLC is a leader in clean technology solutions for electric transportation. With over 40 years of experience in renewables, Sun-Stop is a technology innovator that identifies unique and creative ways to efficiently power vehicles while balancing the natural environment. Sun-Stop seeks to achieve revenue growth and market penetration through technology innovation and strategic alliances.

Our products, the Sun-Stop Solar Service Station, Para-Sol, and EV-3000 are multifunctional, nationally-networked, and solar-powered.  Through superior engineering and years of experience, Sun-Stop’s product line goes beyond electric vehicle charging by providing a variety of services including storage of off-peak wind power, uninterruptable power service, vending (water and ice), and disaster relief capability.


At Sun-Stop, our mission is to develop a national network of Sun-Stop Stations to advance the adoption of electric vehicles without increasing the demand for coal, petroleum, and other fossil fuels.

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